Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Agra

Kashetter group of firms are one of the most leading solution providers for multiple applications of
the industrial sectors. Basically, the whitener in the rice mill are used in incorporating the advanced
technologies in order to whiten the brown rice. As most of the people prefer rice as the main food
crop for consuming it is very essential to maintain the hygiene unity and premium quality of the
produced rice. As we have been able to fulfil these requirements, we are considered to be the most
reliable Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Agra since a very long time.

The rice whitener Screen is specially designed for giving the superior output of the produced whitened
rice with having the less percentage of the broken rice. Well, we are offering the most affordable rice
mill whitener screen price all over India and even to the foreign countries also. They come with
premium quality and consist of best standard methodology in its design and hence we have been able
to get the approval certification from the high recognized authorities of international standards with is
accepted everywhere.

Apart from being the manufacturers of rice mill whitener screen in Agra, we are also the most leading
manufacturers of other types of products and water treatment chemicals also and hence the interested
buyers can check out our official page for more related products.

Other than the rice mill whitener screen we are also providing the other products customization and
we have the most skilled and experienced fabricators for this purpose. No matter from which location
the buyer is, we provide the most secure and simple as well as the smooth mode of transportation to
all the buyers and in case if you have any kind of queries regarding the same, you can always feel free
to ask us.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Agra