Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Amritsar

Rice mill industries are in higher demand everywhere and the Kashetter group of firms are responsible
for offering the most desirable types of products and chemicals to these type of industrial sectors since
a very long time. Amritsar has been one of the most popular cities in India to which we have been
providing not just the products related to rice mill industry but also the other types of equipment also
that can be utilized for multiple applications. Due to our premium quality and efficient service, we are
considered to be the most reliable Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Amritsar.

As most of us consume rice very often and consider it as one of the main food crops it is essential for
removal of the broken rice as well as to convert the brown rice into white rice, the rice whitener
screens are very much helpful and are greatly in demand. Rice mill whitener screen price that we are
offering to all the customers comfortable price and this is not just being supplied within Amritsar but
we supply them all over India covering each and every metropolitan city and even to the foreign
countries also.

These products consist of many desirable properties and on being considered as the most reliable
manufacturer of rice mill whitener screen in Amritsar, we have always made sure that the products
being supplied to the customers are certified by the high recognized authorities of Indian standards
and also the international standards too.

Apart from the rice mill whitener screen the customers can also find the related products by visiting
our official website where you will get access to information regarding the available products and the
customization of the products details, through which you can directly make your orders and in case of
queries you can also send us a mail regarding the same.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Amritsar