Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Aurangabad

Aurangabad consists of many of the industrial sectors that also includes the rice industry which has
been one of the most important industrial sectors in the whole world. Kashetter group of firms have
been able to fulfil the demands of all the products that are necessary in these industries and we are
renowned as the most reliable rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Aurangabad since a very
long time. We make the best use of the premium quality raw materials in the fabrication of the
products and make sure that each of our products are exhibiting the best output without having to
compromise with the quality.

The rice mill whitener screen price that we are offering to all the clients In India comes in the most
affordable way and these are very essential in the production process of rice where it involves the
application of cleaning, grinding, drying as well as separating of rice. The Kashetter group of firms
always made sure to follow the professional ethics and fabricate the products according to the
international as well as the Indian standard prescription.

On having considered as the most reliable and trusted manufacturers of rice mill whitener screen in
Aurangabad we make sure that our products have the high strength capacity has the dimensional
accuracy, last for the longer period of time, has the corrosion resistant property and few more
mandatory features.

As we have been trying to rectify each and every issue of the buyers gradually, we have been able to
do that and win over the trust of the clients. We also have the most demanding and skillful fabricators
in case of customized fabrication of the products and hence other than the rice mill whitener screen if
there is a requirement for other products you can just have a look at our official page and contact us
for orders.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Aurangabad