Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Chennai

Chennai is famous for its classical Indian dance, Bharatanatyam, the famous temples and many other
tourism places that makes the memory of the history. It also consists of many important industrial
sectors that use the best of products and equipment in which the rice industry plays a very important
role for the production of rice. The Kashetter group of firms have been considered as the most reliable
rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Chennai since a very long time, as we have been able to
win over the trust of the clients and offer them the most desirable products.

We make sure to incorporate the advanced technologies and techniques in the fabrication of the
products that will help in the industries for multiple application. The rice whitener screen that we are
offering involves the high advanced techniques in order to convert the brown rice into the whitened
rice. Here the rice is subjected to the additional passes in the whiteners and the milling process usually
consist of different types depending upon which, the products and chemicals should be utilized.

The Rice mill whitener screen price that they are offering to the clients In Chennai as well as to all the
clients residing in India comes in the most affordable way and we have always made sure that these
products are approved by the high recognized authorities so but no client is worrying about the quality
and the efficiency output of these products.

Apart from the Rice mill whitener screen, you also get to no other related products that we’re offering
and if you have the requirement for customization, you can also know about its details by digging
more into our website or either by directly visiting the company on having the proper appointment
with us. The transportation facilities will also be provided hence the clients need not to worry.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Chennai