Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Hyderabad

The Kashetter group of firms have been serving to the clients in Hyderabad since 1964 and we always
fabricate the products under the supervision of the technical experts of Kashetter group of firms using
the best of technologies. Hence, we have been able to fulfil each and every demand of the industries
in Hyderabad. As rice is one of the main food crops for the people here it is very essential for utilizing
the premium quality products and hence, we have been considered to be the most reliable rice mill
whitener screen manufacturers in Hyderabad.

We offer the rice mill whitener screen price in the most affordable way to all of its different
specifications and we make sure that the clients are satisfied and make the best utilization of this
products. Becomes in certain fixed feature of having the long-lasting service with a strong
construction methodology, consuming the low power and comes with a noise free operation.

The cherry groups are not just the manufacturers of rice mill whitener screen in Hyderabad but we are
also the manufacturers for other wide varieties of options of industrial products and you can get to
explore about all these information by visiting our official main page. We have the high recognized
authorities approval certification on each and every product that we are fabricating here and hence we
make no way for the clients to worry about the quality or working of our products.

Other than the rice mill whitener screens the products that are highly demanded in the industrial areas
are, the spare parts, machinery parts, water treatment chemical, all the different types of conveyor
belts and conveyor rollers, rubber sheets and its products, all the different types and specifications of
gearbox and vibratory motor, different types of architectural rubber profiles and many more.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Hyderabad