Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Indore

Indore if considered as the tier two city of India with having a major type of industrial sectors that
contributes a greater Indian economy. Indoor is actually famous for many things and the necessities
for the fabrication of raw materials in the different industrial sectors have been fulfilled by the
Kashetter group performed since 1964. So, we are considered to be the most reliable rice mill
whitener screen manufacturers in Indore.

Milling of rice is very essential for removing the husk as well as the brand layers and to remove the
impurities as well as the broken rice. The rice whitener screen that we provide to the customers that
we provide to the customers is very essential and capable of converting the brown rice into the highquality white rice so that it can be utilized by all the people worldwide. Also, we are offering the most
affordable rice mill whiteners screen price all over India and we also have the certification from the
high recognized authorities of international standards and also the Indian standards that stands high in

On having considered as the most reliable manufacturers of Rice mill whitener screen in Indore, we
always focused on the requirements and the necessities of the customers in their particular industrial
application and offered them the related desirable products. We also have the most experienced and hi
knowledgeable fabricators for designing the customization products.

Apart from the rice mill whitener screen you also provide the clients with different varieties of
conveyor belts and conveyor rollers, all the types of rubber sheets, rubber mat, diamond rubber
lagging sheet, machinery parts, water treatment chemicals, high temperature resistant conveyor belt,
super heat resistant conveyor belt, mining heavy duty conveyor roller, architectural rubber profile,
silicon rubber beading, endless conveyor belt and the list just goes on.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturer in Indore