Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is highly famous for its foundry as well as the automobile kind of industries having each
and every type of sectors that involves the manufacturing of textile industry and its equipment
manufacturing of the spare parts, motor pump set and a lot more engineering goods and services. In
case of rice mill industry, the rice whitener screens are extensively used for cleaning the rice and this
is best suited for this application. The Kashetter group of firms have been providing with all the
different varieties and series of products that are necessary in the rice mill industry and hence we are
considered to be the most reliable Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Coimbatore since a very
long time.

We made sure to have the best supervision on each of our products that has been offered to the clients
in order to make sure to give out the best service and we are offering the most affordable rice mill
whitener screen price not just within Coimbatore but overall, India. It consists of different desirable
features and advantages and depending upon the specifications of each type of product its application
loading capacity and few more things will be decided.

Apart from being the most reliable manufacturers of rice mill whitener screen in Coimbatore, we are
also the manufacturers of conveyor belts since 1964 and as we have been able to fabricate the most
efficient time premium quality products with a wide range of specifications along with the
customization, we have been able to win over the trust of the clients and hence we have expanded our

Other than the rice mill whitener screen, the customers can also find their related products with
different specifications. Hence you can have a look at those details by visiting our official page and
then make your orders according to your suitability.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Coimbatore