Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Nagpur

Nagpur has the best fruit processing industry where the orange-based industries have a greater
demand in the entire India. Until then the production of oranges, there is also the production and
manufacture of different raw materials required for the common people in the day-to-day life. The
Kashetter group of firms although the firm was established in Bangalore, on having served to the
customers with great care and efficient service, we have been able to expand our business and solve a
lot of clients in Nagpur since 1964. So, we are considered to be the most reliable rice mill whitener
screen manufacturers in Nagpur.

Apart from the rice whitener screen, we also offer the other types of industrial products like gearbox,
conveyor belts and all of its types, rubber sheets and its products machinery parts spare parts, water
treatment chemicals and a lot more other type. Well, along with the rice mill whitener screen price,
we are also offering affordable price for all the above-mentioned type of products.

For having considered and renowned as the most trusted manufacturers of rice mill whitener screen in
Nagpur, we have made sure to involve the standard procedure and prescription as described in the
international standards and Indian standards of high authorities which is accepted worldwide. We also
made sure to maintain the professional ethics with all the clients and offer them the high-quality
efficient service.

The rice mill whitener screens are very much useful in the screening of broken rice during the
production of rice in the milk industry. As it is important to get the high-quality rice as an output,
there is an essential for utilizing the products like whitener screens. If you have any kind of queries,
you can directly visit the company and explore yourself with all the varieties of products as well as
the water treatment chemicals.

Rice mill whitener screen manufacturers in Nagpur