Rubber conveyor belt manufacturer in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is actually known as the Manchester of South India consisting with a huge important type
of industrial sectors where it has become the Asia’s largest garment manufacturing consisting place in
India. Kashetter group of firms was actually started and established in the year 1964 with having the
Moto of fulfilling each and debris necessities of the clients and help them in achieving the higher
efficiency in their work. As we have been successful in this step, we have been considered to be the
most reliable rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in Coimbatore since a very long time.

The rubber conveyor belt that we are offering to the clients will be in different sizes, specification,
series, design purpose, brand and few other factors. Although we are offering the most affordable
rubber conveyor belt price over All India we have never neglected in its quality of the efficiency and
hence we also have got a certification from the highly recognized authorities of Indian standards and
also the international standards which are accepted widely in the entire world.

We’re not just the most reliable manufacturers of rubber conveyor belt in Coimbatore but we are also
one of the most leading manufacturers of conveyor belts of all the types and hence if you are
interested, or looking for any customized products of conveyor belts you can directly contact us and
feel free to explain us your requirements.

Other than the rubber conveyor belt, the other products that we are shipping to the entire world are, all
the different types of conveyor rollers, rubber sheets and its products, architectural rubber profile,
silicon rubber beading, water treatment chemicals, EPDM sheets, diamond rubber lagging sheet,
rubber mat, all the different types of gearboxes, vibratory motors and other types, machinery parts and
the list of it just goes on.

Rubber conveyor belt manufacturer in Coimbatore