Rubber Impact Conveyor Roller Manufacturers in Amritsar

Amritsar has always been famous for the fabrication of the pashmina shawls and silk goods along
with the carpet weaving industry. The industry situated here, whether it may be a small scale or a
large-scale industry have been utilizing all the necessary products that the Kashetter group of firms
have been supplying with since more than decades of years and hence we are considered to be the
most reliable rubber impact conveyor roller manufacturers in Amritsar since over a long time.

Rubber conveyor rollers are highly effective in a lot of applications and it is not just restricted within
a particular industry but it can be used for multiple type of applications in almost all the types of
industrial sectors. The most commonly exported types of rollers from us are, the carrying roller,
impact roller, return roller, HDPE rollers and the lot more other series and specification of conveyor

We will be offering the rubber impact conveyor rollers in different specifications that includes the
roller diameter shaft diameter roller length, type of construction material, properties and few more
factors involved. When it comes to the price of these types of rollers, the cherry groups will be
providing the clients with a very affordable price and hence no clients are needed to worry regarding
the quality and the cost of these products.

The Kashetter group of firms are not only just the leading and trusted manufacturers of rubber impact
conveyor roller in Amritsar but in fact we are also one of the most leading manufacturers of conveyor
belts here since a very long time. And if you’re willing to look for more options related to the rubber
conveyor roller, you can always feel free to contact us on the given contact information or you can
also book your appointment with us and visit the company.

Rubber Impact Conveyor Roller Manufacturers in Amritsar