Shaft mounted speed reducer gear box suppliers in Mysore

Mysore is city of palaces, like the amba villas situated in this city is popularly known as the Mysore
palace which consists of a great history. It has been considered to be one of the best industrial cities of
Karnataka and as the Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore, we have been one of the
most leading shaft mounted speed reducer gear box suppliers in Mysore since 1964.

For each and every type of application in the industrial sector, there is a necessity for using the
appropriate product, equipment or either the appropriate water treatment chemical for ensuring the
safety and working efficiently. Hence there has always been a greater demand for SMSR gearbox all
over the world as it has the capacity for altering the motor speed depending upon the needs and

Each type of shaft mounted speed reducer gear box that we are offering to the clients are very well
certified by the quality experts of cherry groups and we also made sure to get the approval
certification from the international standards as well as the Indian standards because they are accepted
all over the world and stands as the most trusted authorities in the world.

Regardless of the types and features of these products come up we are offering the most affordable
shaft mounted speed reducer gearbox price in Mysore and we are even happier to know that we have
been able to achieve the customer satisfaction. We have not only been the noted suppliers of shaft
mounted speed reducer gear box in Mysore but in fact we have also been exporting them to the
foreign countries and hence they are also one of the most the reliable suppliers in the countries like
China, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bhutan and a lot more
other foreign country.

Shaft mounted speed reducer gear box suppliers in Mysore