SKF Bearing Dealers In Ahmedabad

There are many leading and major industries available in the Ahmedabad, that might be including
the petrochemical industry, Jems and jewellery, Pharmaceutical industry, engineering, cement and
ceramics etc. Hence it is a great demand for the SKF bearing dealers in Ahmedabad. the Kashetter
group of firms has been noted for providing the high quality and premium products to the clients
here and has gained the trust of the clients.

As we have been providing the industries irrespective of the small scale and large scale with all the
different types of SKF bearings and it’s different specification to the customers in the most
affordable price, we have been considered to be one of the best dealers of SKF bearing in

If the client is confused while buying the right type of product odd if any of the customer is in search
of the different specified bearings you can still contact us and explain us about your requirements.
and we will be providing you with the best and high quality bearing type that is designed according
to the requirements you need.

Along with the SKF bearing the Cherry groups are offering, endless conveyor belt, mining conveyor
rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, induction phase
motor, wire meshes, diamond rubber lagging sheets, EPDM sheets, PH booster chemical, RO water
treatment chemical, high temperature resistant conveyor belt, silicon derivatives, municipal waste
water treatment chemical, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner etc.

The countries to which we have most exported our industrial equipment are, Pakistan, Bangladesh,
Maldives, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, etc Covering almost all
the major foreign countries in the world. You can order your desirable products by three methods
that is, by mailing us, by Whatsapping us or by visiting us on booking appointment.