SKF Bearing Dealers In Chandigarh

The SKF bearings provide the best solution for multiple applications of the industrial sectors
irrespective of its type. Chandigarh is one of the most important city in India that runs both the small
scale and large scale industries in an equal ratio and contributes it’s best to the economy of the
country. the Kashetter group of firms has been the service providers in Kolhapur since 1964 and now
we are entitled as one of the best and most reliable SKF bearing dealers in Chandigarh.

Using of the bearings offers an advantage of reducing the frictional heat and flange wear, they can
reduce the sensitivity to miss alignment, they consist of an optimized surface finish on the contact
surface of the rollers, they have the rigid bearing application, low friction, reduce the stress peaks at
the ends of the roller, having a longer service life and many more.

The kashetter group of firms has not only just been the best dealers of SKF bearing in Chandigarh
but we have also been one of the most leading wholesalers, service providers, exporter’s, retailers,
suppliers and distributors of escape bearing. They have the certification from both the international
as well as the Indian standards which make the clients to be carefree regarding the usage of these
pairing types regarding its safety and quality.

Along with the SKF bearings the kashetter group of firms are also offering the other important
industrial products like conveyor belt, conveyor roller, rubber sheet, rubber mat, wire mesh, rubber
products, gearbox, vibrating motors, machinery parts, diamond rubber lagging sheets, oil
demulsifier, spare parts, three phase induction motor etc.

The transportation will be provided in the most easy and secure manner to the clients all over the
world with three modes. hence the clients need not to worry about their current location.