SKF Bearing Distributor In Amritsar

Kashetter group of firms has always been the most reliable and trusted SKF bearing distributors in
Amritsar. there is a lot wide range of types when it comes to the SKF bearings which are also
available in the different specifications. they provide the best solution thought being the supported
structure for the rotating machine elements.

This SKF bearings can be used for transferring the loads between the machine components where
they are highly designed with the precision and with having the low friction. they can be used for a
longer period of time and their most commonly designed with this standard specifications and are
exchangeable machine elements.

There are lot more advantages of using the SKF bearings and they can also be designed according to
the requirements of the clients. Amritsar consist of many major industrial sectors where there is a
need for different types of bearings in different applications. hands on providing the quality services
to all the clients here, we are so glad to be considered as the most desirable distributors of SKF
bearing in Amritsar.

The kashetter group of firms was actually started in the year 1964 in the place called Bangalore,
where we have started giving our best services to the clients within Bangalore and due to the
continuous hard work and dedication we have now expanded the business and has got the ability of
providing the quality service to the clients all over India and abroad.

Along with the SKF bearing, the Cherry groups are also distributing the other important industrial
products and water treatment chemicals which are highly required for the industrial sectors to carry
out the work smoothly and efficiently, which in turn increases the overall productivity. order us as
soon as possible with giving us each and every details of your requirements.



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