SKF Bearing Distributor In Delhi

SKF bearing are highly popular and most extensively used product for why is range of applications
worldwide irrespective of the small scale and the large scale industries. the kashetter group of firms
have been the largest suppliers of industrial products and we are also considered to be one of the
best SKF bearing distributors in Delhi since many years.

The SKF bearings along with the rod ends provides the excellent choice for the applications that
require the total design economy. they helps in providing the support to the oscillating machine and
help in transferring the loads between the machine components. They comes with a high precision,
low friction and with the standard dimension.

In case if the client has any requirement for the different type of bearing with different dimensions
they can still contact us and we will supply the best high quality product that well suits your
applicational requirement. The SKF bearings has certification from the ISO standards and they are
designed by using then you methodology and technologies and under the guidance of the quality

We have not only just been the best distributors of SKF bearing in Delhi but in the entire India.
Along with covering all the states of India we have also supplied to many of the foreign countries
that covers almost all the seven continents in the world. We suggests the claims to have a better
clarity before buying the type of bearings as they are available in a wide range of specifications and

Along with the SKF bearings there are also other related important industrial products such as the
conveyor belt, conveyor roller, rubber sheets and its products and many more. The complete
information regarding the company and production units that we have set-up at different locations
of the world and many more information has been updated on the page you can have a look at it
and then contact us for making the orders.



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