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SKF Bearing Distributor In Kolkata

SKF bearing is the most popular brand that has been used in the industries for different applications
since all the time. the brand is known for its high quality and efficient products which will be used
irrespective of the small scale and large scale industries. the kashetter group of firms has been one
of its distributors since a very long time and we are also considered to be the best SKF bearing
distributors in Kolkata.

There is a high requirement for the different types of bearings as the foremost purpose of using
these bearings is that they can support the rotating machines like wheels or the shafts and enables
the transfer of loads between the machine components. they are designed in this most standard
specifications and they also have the certification from both the Indian as well as the international

The cherry groups being one of the most leading distributors of SKF bearing in Kolkata, have always
made sure to consider the solutions made by each and every client and worked accordingly to fulfil
all the demands of the industrial needs. the bearings are available in the market in the most
affordable price, where they are exchangeable machine elements.

To mention some of the SKF bearing benefits, firstly they provide the longer service. With requiring
only less maintenance. they are highly operational reliable with having the accommodate
misalignment. They are available in wide range of types and each type serves the different
applications and hence the clients need to be aware of all these details before buying them.

The kashetter Group of firms are also the manufacturers and the wholesalers of others different
types of industrial products and water treatment chemicals whose details are clearly mentioned on
the page along with the details of establishment of our company. All you have to do is just contact us
for making orders and in case if you’re in need for different dimensional bearing, we can also send us
a message with the details of your requirements.



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