SKF Bearing Distributor In Ludhiana

Ludhiana is one of the most famous city in India consisting of many industrial sectors and has also
been one of the tourism place. The kashetter group of firms has been so window industries here with
the most efficient product so that it helps in increasing the quality of the raw materials that the
industries are producing and increase overall productivity. But also considered to be one of the best
and most reliable SKF bearing distributors in Ludhiana since many years.

Few of the types of bearings to mention are the spiritual roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing,
deep groove ball bearing and a lot more types are available. we are offering each and every type of
bearings with different specifications and also provide the best guarantees for all the clients in
choosing the most desirable product according to their application requirements.

Since the kashetter group of firms were started in the year 1964, our team members who have been
working here has acquired great knowledge and has become the expertise in their particular
profession. Hence we have always focused on fulfilling the demands of the market and made fair
business with the clients each and every time.

Due to all the quality measures that we have been taking and on taking all the suggestions of the
clients into consideration and upon working on them we have been considered as the most reliable
distributors of SKF bearing in Ludhiana. they have different benefits depending upon the properties
and they have the certification from both the international as well as the Indian standards.

Till now, the cherry groups have not just supplied the SKF bearings within Ludhiana or within India
we have also covered exporting them to many of the foreign countries covering almost all the seven
continents in the world. a transportation Andover services are very well known to the clients and we
are glad that the clients are very happy with it.