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Aurangabad is one of the biggest manufacturing hub in India consisting of more than 3000 industries
that includes all the small, medium as well as the large scale business sectors. each and every type of
industrial sectors need certain type of industrial equipments that help in their overall productivity
and hence the kashetter group of firms have been providing them various kind of services where we
are also considered to be one of the best stone crusher gearbox manufacturers in Aurangabad since
many years.

There are different types of crusher machines available in the market for multiple applications and
also similarly there are different specifications of the stone crusher game box available with us and
the most affordable price. We have not only just been providing the services within our anger but
we have also covered some of the other important metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad,
Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Nagpur, Noida, etc.

Over all these years well we have spent entirely on the fabrication process and inculcating the new
technologies and smart methodologies for fabrication process of the different kinds of specified
industrial products we have now clearly understood about the requirements of the customers and
how to fabricate all the different industrial products efficiently and in high quality.

We are so glad to be considered as a stone crusher manufacturer in Aurangabad, where we also
stand out of the crowd from the other manufacturers in Aurangabad. We’re having the certification
from the ISO standards on each and every type of product that we are supplying into the market for
being recognized as one of the best quality and safe product to be used.

Along with being the gearbox manufacturer in the Aurangabad we are also providing the other
services about which you can know from our official website. The customers need not to worry
about the transportation facility as they are not only just supplied within Surat, we also export them
to many of the foreign countries with the three different modes of transportation.



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