The sugar industries, textile mills, Spinning mills, poultry farm, foundries, chemical industries are
some of the major industries observed in the Kolhapur. in order to fulfil all the industrial needs in
Kolhapur, Kashetter group of firms have been supplying the various kind of services to the clients
due to which we are also considered to be the most reliable and trusted stone crusher gearbox
manufacturers in Kolhapur since many years.

The main and the most basic function of the crusher is to reduce the large rocks into the smaller
rocks whereas stone crusher gear boxes used to reduce the input speed to a slower output speed
and achieve more output torque. Similarly each and every type of stone crusher gearbox has its own
benefits and features and depending upon these properties their chosen for use in the different
application requirements of the industries.

To be considered as the most reliable manufacturers of stone crusher gearbox in Kolhapur the
cherry groups have been hard working in the entire process all fabrication where we have made fair
business with all our clients and has delivered the services professionally. we have taken each and
every suggestion of the customer and try to improve our services in every step.

Apart from the stone crusher gearbox, there are also that other different industrial equipment
available with us about which you can get details from our official page. Till now we have supplied all
the different types of stone crusher gearbox to the important metropolitan cities like Bangalore,
Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Sriperumbudur, Kanpur, Tirupur and have
covered all the states in India.

Not only just that we have also exported them to many of the foreign countries by providing the
different modes of transportation that is either by roadways, railways or by Airways. We are known
forever quality services and ever customized efficient industrial equipments that we have been
fabricating Since more than decades of years.



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