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As we all know so that is known as the textile hub of the nation and the silk city of India, which is
extremely famous for its cotton mills. there are different types of industrial sectors available here
and in order to run all these types of industries smoothly there is a requirement of well suited in this
daily equipment with high quality. Hence here comes the kashetter group of firms who has been
providing the services since many years and has been considered to be the most popular and reliable
stone crusher gearbox manufacturers in Surat.

there are different types of benefits available on purchasing the each kind of different specified
stone crusher gear box. but the common advantage and features that they have is They are all tight
and dustproof with having the design off being constructed with a high grade alloy steel. it gives us
supported on all the types of ball bearings where the mounting is made very easy with being able to
adjust easily.

Being one of the best gearbox manufacturers in Surat we have always made sure to provide the
most high quality and efficient stone crusher gearbox to all the customers here and that’s how we
have gained the trust of the customers. Each and every specified water treatment chemicals as well
as the industrial products has certification from the highly recognized Indian standards and
international standards, which is to insure about the quality and safety of using our product.

The kashetter Group of firms are not only the stone crusher manufacturers in Surat, we are also the
manufacturers of many other types of industrial products like conveyor belts and its types, conveyor
roller, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, induction phase motor, rubber
mats, diamond rubber lagging sheets and a lot more.



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