Timken brand bearings suppliers in Amritsar

Amritsar has always been one of the special places located in India with having the famous textile
industries responsible for creating the different unique designs. There are a lot of famous raw
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There are a lot different types and varieties when it comes to the Timken brand bearings but the
Kashetter group of firms are offering very affordable Timken brand bearings price in Amritsar since all
the time. When it comes to the application of these bearings it will be more oftenly used in the
application of belt chain linear motion applications, power transmission products like couplings,
universal joint, gear drives, automatic lubrication system and a lot more applications.

The bearings are nothing but the parts which effectively assist the objects rotation. They act like a
supporting structure to the shaft which is responsible for rotating inside the machines. Apart from
these power transmission applications, the bearings also act as the support in the shafts used in the
cars. Apart from being the most reliable suppliers of Timken brand bearings in Amritsar, we are also
the suppliers of the other kinds of products such as the machinery parts, water treatment chemicals,
diamond rubber lagging sheets, EPDM sheets, vibratory motor and a lot more such products in

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Timken brand bearings suppliers in Amritsar