Timken brand bearings suppliers in Nagpur

Nagpur is very popularly known as the orange city in India because it consists of many orange-based
industries listen results in having the more quantity of production of oranges. The Kashetter group of
firms have been helping out these industries whether it may be an agricultural sector, the
manufacturing sector, pharmaceuticals, steel, mining, or any other industries to achieve the higher
efficiency and make the best utilization of the products in an appropriate way. So, we are considered
to be the most reliable Timken brand bearings suppliers in Nagpur since a very long time.

The application of different kinds of bearing can be observed in each of the sectors and each of the
type of bearings will offer the different benefits, specifications, properties as well as the type of
application. The Timken brand bearing price offered in Nagpur of all the types and different
specifications comes in a very reasonable cost and we have always made sure that they are distributed
into the market under the guidance of the quality experts before supplying to the clients.

Along with being the most reliable suppliers of Timken brand bearings in Nagpur, we are also the
suppliers of other kinds of products such as the water treatment chemicals, machinery parts, vibratory
motor, impact rollers, architectural rubber profile, diamond rubber lagging sheets, EPDM sheets,
rubber sheets and its products rubber mats all the different varieties of conveyor belts, conveyor
rollers and a lot more machinery parts.

We have set up a different production unit at different locations of the world like India, China and few
other countries. But originally the Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore in the year
1964 and to know more about us, you can visit our official website and explore more in all the
categories, know about the available stock of products and make the orders.

Timken brand bearings suppliers in Nagpur