URB Bearings Dealers in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is one of the most witnessed extraordinary growth in each and every aspect of the
development and urbanization where it has created a holistic industrial picture. It is also considered to
be the major city in Haryana but having the different important industries. The Kashetter group of
firms has been supplying them with all the necessities and we have been the problem solvers for many
of the clients and hence we have been awarded as the most leading and trusted URB bearing dealers
in Gurgaon.

The applications of different types of URB bearings that we have been supplying to the customers in
different variations can be utilized in the industrial sectors like the cement industry, metallurgical
industry mining industry petroleum industry, stone crusher manager box, wind turbines and many
other types bichar irrespective of the small scale and large-scale sector.

For being one of the most important URB bearing dealers in Gurgaon, the Kashetter group of firms
has always been following the professional ethics which each and every client trying to clarify all
their queries and provide the quality service. We are having the different production units at different
locations of the world and we have successfully exported thousands of raw materials and products to
the foreign countries like China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and many

When it comes to the price of URB bearing, the cherry groups are offering the most affordable price
for all the different types of urb bearing, whether it may be a ball bearing, cylindrical bearing, angular
contact ball bearing, bearing accessories or any other type. To book your orders, all you have to do is
just contact us or visit the company on proper appointment. If you’re still having any kind of queries,
please feel free to contact us and have your queries cleared.

CHERRY URB Bearings Dealers in Gurgaon