URB Bearings Dealers in Nagpur

The city which has been famous as the orange city, also manufactures the products related to food,
textile, petroleum, automobile, chemical and there are many of the top manufacturing companies
situated in Nagpur. All the materials that has been manufactured here, are being utilized all over the
world and they are providing the solution for fulfilling the basic needs of the users. And to fulfil the
basic necessities of the industries and to help them in gaining the efficient productivity, the cherry
groups have been providing them with different products and hence we are considered to be the most
reliable and leading URB bearing dealers in Nagpur since many years.

Usually the bearings are designed in the standard size but on request from the clients and depending
upon their applicational requirements, we can provide you with a different size and design according
to your desired specifications and supply them do you in any number of quantity. We are just so glad
that we were able to win the trust of the clients and have been entitled as the most leading dealers of
URB bearing in Nagpur.

Although there are different wide varieties of URB bearing differing in different aspects, we are
almost offering the affordable price of URB bearing of all the types. Each of these types of bearings
and its specified products are having the certification from the highly recognized Indian standards and
international standards and we are so glad that we are even exporting them.

Each type of URB bearing has different advantages and applications, so the clients can contact us if
they are confused in purchasing the exact type of product that will fit for your requirement. The
Kashetter group of firms along with being the URB bearing dealers are also the dealers of other
products like conveyor belts, conveyor roller, machinery parts and many other varieties of specified

CHERRY URB Bearings Dealers in Nagpur