URB Bearings Distributors in Amritsar

Amritsar is famous for its golden temple when it comes to the historical place and when it comes to
the industrial sector, they are very famous for manufacturing the silk goods, carpet, thick serge,
pashmina shawls etc. The Kashetter group of firms has always been one of the largest distributors of
industrial products here since a very long time and as we have been able to fulfil all the demands of
the market and the most affordable price and offer the quality service, we have been considered to be
one of the most reliable URB bearing distributors in Amritsar.

There are many types of bearings available with us also in different design methodology as well as the
specifications but each type of bearing will be utilized for different applications in the industrial
sectors as they have different design purpose. The thrust bearings are usually made for carrying the
loads in the axial direction whereas the ball bearings applications will be found in many of the
commercial products as well as the consumers.

The price of URB bearing of all the types and even for the customized type of bearings we are
offering the most affordable price and shipping them successfully to almost all the locations in India
as well as in the foreign countries. The customers feel carefree to buy products from us as they are
highly recognized in the market with having the certification from both the Indian as well as the
international standards.

Along with being the distributors of URB bearing in Amritsar the cherry groups have also been the
distributors of all the other types of bearings conveyor belt, water treatment chemical, machinery parts
and many other similar types of products performing the different applications.
On being the best URB bearing distributors, we make sure that each of our clients are satisfied with
our service and we also provide them the transportation facilities according to their convenience
which usually is carried by three modes.

CHERRY URB Bearings Distributors in Amritsar