URB Bearings Suppliers in Delhi

Delhi is the capital of India having its five top major industries in the field of iron and steel, textile,
automobile, banking and insurers, information technology, cement industry and few more. Day by day
Delhi is one of such plays which has been continuously expanding the consumer goods industries,
which are established the different regions of Delhi and contributes its maximum to the economy of
the country. Kashetter group of firms has considered to be one of the most reliable and trusted URB
bearing suppliers in Delhi because, we have been the solution providers for fastening the work
process in all the above-mentioned type of industrial sectors.

We are offering the specialized and different design and specification consisting urb bearings
separately for cement industry application, for metallurgical industry application, for the stone
crusher, for wind turbines, for the gearboxes, for mining industry, for Heavy Industries and for many
more such applications. Also, we have been offering the most affordable price of URB bearing till
now in India.

For being the most reliable suppliers of URB bearing in Delhi, the team members of the Kashetter
group of firms have been so much dedicated towards this entire process of business, working with
having the common focus of satisfying the demands of the clients and industrial needs. Some of the
major types of URB bearing that are extensively used in almost all kinds of industrial sectors,
irrespective of the small scale and large-scale industries are the angular contact ball bearing, deep
groove ball bearing, roller bearing, bearing accessories and few more.

We have established the Kashetter group of firms in the year 1964 in the place called Bangalore,
Karnataka, but we have been able to expand our business all over India and abroad due to the
professionalism and the quality service that we have maintained throughout the year. Hence, we can
assure you that you’re just in the perfect place if you’re planning to buy any type of bearings.

CHERRY URB Bearings Suppliers in Delhi