URB Bearings Suppliers in Hyderabad

Kashetter group of firms was established in Bangalore with manufacturing all the different types of
conveyor belts and rollers as the main product, and have been shipping them all over the world
but now they have also come forward with manufacturing and supplying the other different types of
machinery parts and products that are highly needed for the different types of industrial sectors
worldwide. As Hyderabad mainly manufacturers the products related to the electrical equipment,
glass product, tanks and shipping container, audio and video equipment etc, the cherry groups have
been the suppliers here for more than decades of years and due to all the quality service and the
professionalism that we have maintained all the time, has made us to be one of the most important and
reliable URB bearing suppliers in Hyderabad.

Being the URB bearing suppliers, we are having the different types of bearings like the Rotary
bearing, linear bearing, fluid bearing magnetic bearing, flexure bearing, ball bearing, roller bearing
and many such more types are being offered in the most affordable price. We are just so glad that we
were able to win the trust of the customers as we also have got the certification from the highly
recognized Indian standards as well as the international standards on each type of URB bearing that
we have been shipping all over the world through different modes of transportation.

We are not just suppliers of URB bearing in Hyderabad, we have also been the suppliers of water
treatment chemicals, conveyor belt, wire mesh, AC generator, vibrating motors, rubber sheet and its
products, oil resistance conveyor belt, architectural profile, and many more types also in Hyderabad
since many years.

If you have any special type of requirements regarding the specifications and design of the URB
bearing, you can always request us for the same by visiting us on booking appointment.

CHERRY URB Bearings Suppliers in Hyderabad