URB Bearings Suppliers in Kolkata

The major industries in Kolkata that are set to have an expertise in the industrial sector such as coal,
IT, food processing, textile and few more industries exports to many of the foreign countries the
products related to the agriculture, coal, textile products and few more. Kashetter group of firms has
always been the solution providers to each kind of industrial sectors. We are so fortunate enough to be
considered as one of the most reliable and trusted URB bearing suppliers in Kolkata since many years.

We have actually established the Kashetter group of firms in Bangalore in the year 1964, where we
have started this professional business of manufacturing and supplying the major products of
conveyor belts and conveyor rollers. But we have expanded our work business by manufacturing and
distributing many more such industrial products that are highly required for an industry to run
smoothly and gain more quality raw materials and efficient productivity.

On being one of the best supplier of URB bearing in Kolkata, the cherry groups have always made
sure that the services we have been providing to the customers are very well organized so that the
clients feel the satisfaction in buying the products from us and due to this reason, we have not
received any kind of negative reviews on our solded industrial products.

The URB bearing price that we have been offering all over the world, irrespective of the small scale
and large scale industries are most affordable and we not only just supply them but also provide a
proper guidance in choosing the most suitable type of product that will suits the application
requirement of the client. As mentioned earlier, apart from the URB bearing we are also supplying the
other kinds of products whose complete information you can get from your official page.

CHERRY URB Bearings Suppliers in Kolkata