URB Bearings Suppliers in Udaipur

Udaipur, being the beautiful capital of Mewar is popularly known as the White City, as it consists of
the huge massive palaces, beautiful lakes, romantic backdrops, age-old temple and many other lush
green gardens etc. Udaipur also, has many of the industrial sectors that greatly contribute to the
economy of the country and produce the high-quality raw materials. The Kashetter group of firms has
been the solution providers for all these types of industries, helping them in fastening the work
process without compromising with the quality of the raw material and the equipment they are using
for fabrication. Hence, we are noted as the most reliable and also the most trusted URB bearing
suppliers in Udaipur.

We are supplying comes in a normal tolerance class with the standard size and the clients can expect
all the different types of bearings to be available with this as we are offering the wide range of
specified high quality URB bearings all over the world with different modes of transportation.
Primarily the bearings are supplied with either a steel cage or either a machined brass cage where they
have many of the clearance options to be chosed from.

On being the most reliable suppliers of URB bearing in Udaipur we suggest the bearing types
depending upon the applicational requirements each type of industrial sector and the clients is having.
We will be offering them in a huge range of specifications that differs in its application, brand,
material, board size, outer diameter, inner diameter, its load capacity, its ability to resist the corrosion,
hardness and few other factors.

Along with being the URB bearing suppliers, the cherry groups are also the major suppliers of
conveyor belt and rollers not just within India, but also in abroad, delivering them majorly to the
countries like Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and many

CHERRY URB Bearings Suppliers in Udaipur