Water treatment chemicals in Ahmedabad

Not only the water treatment chemicals in Ahmedabad are demanding, the chemicals are popularly
and extensively used everywhere in the world. Whether it may be a residential areas, commercial
places, all kinds of industrial sectors, small scale business and large scale business, the chemicals are
used everywhere.

The kashetter group of firms are known for their professionalism and for their quality supplying of
the water treatment chemicals and industrial products. we have all the varieties of chemicals
available and we can even make a new one according to the needs and requirements of the clients.

it’s been more than 55 years since we have entered into this field of profession and has gained
enormous knowledge regarding the same. we have the most experienced people for making new
kind of chemicals easily and effortlessly and has never compromised with the quality and safety of
the chemicals. we have been the best water treatment chemical dealers in Ahmedabad since a very
long time.

Few of the most supplied chemicals in Ahmedabad are the antiscalant, fuel additives, fireside
additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger, sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer, antifoulants,
ph booster, RO biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly electrolyte powder, etc.

Using of these chemicals can help in eradicating the toxic minerals present in the water, decrease
the formation of the scales, decrease the corrosion, decrease the quantity of the waste water
produced, helps in the purification of the water, helps in maintaining the PH level, it neutralises
the water and consist of many more advantages.

it’s just that, the clients need to know the information about the water treatment chemicals and
how to use it, in order to have an effective results. you can know more about the materials we are
offering from our website, where you get to know about our production units, the locations we have
most offered our services And know more about the company.

Water treatment chemicals in Ahmedabad


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