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Water treatment chemicals in Andhra Pradesh

Andra Pradesh consist of a lot of places that are consisting Of different industrial sectors and
Vishakhapatnam with one of the major cities that consist of the industries and we have been
supplying a lot of water treatment chemicals in Andhra Pradesh since a very long time.

The kashetter group of firms was started in 1964 with having a motor of fulfilling all the demands of
the industrial needs and increase overall productivity of all kinds of industrial sectors with our water
treatment chemicals and the industrial products. We have been the best water treatment chemicals
dealers in Andhra Pradesh and we have built a good and healthy relationship with all our clients over
all these years.

It is very much necessity to build trust over the opponents and we’re glad that we were able to
achieve it, As we have always followed the professional methods and ethics in every step of our
business and has always moved with the mind-set of not compromising with the quality and the
safety of the chemicals.

Here are some of the water treatment chemicals that are commonly used everywhere, that is,
antifoulants, fuel additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger, silica inhibitor, sludge conditioner,
Alkalinity reducer, PH booster, RO biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly electrolyte liquid chemical,
oxidising biocide chemicals etc.

The water treatment chemicals price in Andhra Pradesh that we are offering to all the clients is the
most affordable one and we have been selling them in wide range of varieties consisting of different
properties and benefits.

we have been updating with our delivering service to the clients on getting the various feedback
from our clients and improving the facilities. Hence we are glad to know that the clients are very
happy with our service and we have not got any kind of negative reviews.

Water treatment chemicals in Andhra Pradesh


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