Water treatment chemicals in Chennai

Water treatment chemicals in Chennai are very popular because of its physical and chemical
properties and the ability to solve certain water related issues in any kind of water feed system. Each
and every type of industrial sector that includes the small scale as well as the large scale industries,
commercial places and even for the residential purpose, these chemicals plays an effective role.

the kashetter group of firms has always been fun after best suppliers and we are offering the most
affordable price of water treatment chemicals in Chennai since a very long time, that well suits the
quality and the features it consist of. We have simultaneously worked on meeting the demands of
the industrial sectors and has always made sure that we have fulfilled all their demands.

We have got certification from the most recognised standards of Indian as bless the international
committees, along with that we also perform several test on all the chemicals we are supplying in
order to ensure the safety and quality of the water treatment chemicals.
Not only are we offering the water treatment chemicals in Chennai, we have also been providing all
the industries in Chennai with the other most popular and highly required industrial products and
the machinery parts that are helpfully increasing the overall productivity.

You can know further more information regarding all the products and water treatment chemicals
we supply from the website. Few of the most popularly supplied product’s dimension are, the ph
booster, RO biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly electrolyte powder, antifoulants, fuel additives, fireside
additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger, white elevator belt, food grade conveyor belt, heavy
mining conveyor rollers etc.

We provide the most secure and fast delivering service All over the world, where we have different
production units set up at different locations in the world and have the most experienced and skilled
team members behind the making of successful quality and safe water treatment chemicals.

Water treatment chemicals in Chennai


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