Water treatment chemicals in Coimbatore

Water treatment chemicals in Coimbatore has a lot of demand and they had always been offered
mostly by the Kashetter group of firms. We are supplying and has been the dealers for all the
commercial places, small scale industries as the last large scale industries in Mumbai since many

The cherry groups was established in Bangalore in the year 1964 but the motor of fulfilling all the
demands of clients and providing the quality and efficient products to them. each and every
chemicals that we are providing to the clients have the certification from the recognized Indian and
international standards hence they can be used without any fear.

The kashetter group of firms has always been the best water treatment chemical suppliers in
Coimbatore but we are not only the suppliers, we are also the dealers, manufacturers,, retailers
wholesalers, exporter’s, importers and service providers of various chemicals and industrial products
in Coimbatore.

the price we are offering for all the water treatment chemicals is the most affordable one that well
suits the quality of the chemicals and its safety. we are known to the clients for our professionalism
an for delivering the best services but then a given time and has always got the best feedback from
all our clients.

Along with the water treatment chemicals, the other kind of popular industrial product that we have
been offering in Coimbatore are the cold resistant conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery
parts, rubber sheets and its products, Wire meshes, spare parts, gearbox, vibrating motors, food
grade conveyor belt etc.

If you are thinking to buy any new kind of chemical, you can feel free to contact us because we have
the most experienced fabricators for making new kind of chemicals according to the standards set by
the Indian authority and will be undergoing certain tests for safety and quality purposes and then it
will be delivered as per your needs.

Water treatment chemicals in Coimbatore


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