Water treatment chemicals in Jodhpur

The water treatment chemicals in jodhpur are most popularly used in all kinds of industrial sectors
due to its desirable properties and benefits. it has become the most necessary thing in all the
industries because they ensure the health conditions of the people.

Jodhpur industrial water treatment chemicals are extensively used and they are offered by the
cherry groups since a very long time. We have each and every kind of chemicals required for the
industries and even if you’re in need for any new chemical we can even provide you with the same.

the cherry groups consist of the team members who have excelled in making the new chemicals
with having experience for over more than two decades. hence we have the ability to produce the
best quality new chemicals effectively.

The cherry group of for not only being the water treatment chemical suppliers in jodhpur, we have
also been the manufacturers, dealers, retailers, wholesalers, exporter’s, importers and service
providers of the chemicals and also the industrial equipments.

Some of the main industrial equipment and products that we have supplied to now are, white
elevator belt, wire meshes, rubber sheets and its products, gearbox, vibrating motors, machinery
parts, diamond rubber lagging sheets, heavy duty rollers, bearings, motors etc.

All the water treatment chemicals has the ISO certification and they can be deliver to any locations
in the world as we have set up the different production units at different locations of the world and
you can get it information from our website.

If the buyers have any special requirements regarding the transportation facility you can discuss
about the same with us. We provide the transportation facilities according to your convenience and
the situation. usually our mode of transportation will be by roadways, by railways, and by Airways
with the fast and secure mode of delivery.

Water treatment chemicals in Jodhpur​


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