Water treatment chemicals in Madurai

Madurai consist of all kinds of industrial sectors like the pharmaceutical industries, food processing
industry, manufacturing industry, cement industry, paper industry, packaging industry and all of
these kind of industries requires a lot of water treatment chemicals in order to have a quality raw
materials and best productivity. The charity groups have been offering the water treatment
chemicals in Madurai for over more than two decades.

we offer the most affordable price everywhere and have even exported the bulk quantity of
chemicals to the foreign countries also, where all the chemicals have the ISO certification. using of
water treatment chemicals needs to have the knowledge. Because they can only be used with the
proper proportions as that used to treat the different kind of issues in the water feed system.

each and every properties and features that the chemicals consist of, have the ability to solve a
particular issue of the water. the more details regarding the benefits the chemical consist of has
been given on the website where do you get to know more information.

the kashetter group of firms has being considered as the most leading and best water treatment
chemicals wholesalers in Madurai. we have been providing the different services to the clients in
Madurai irrespective of the small scale and large scale but all the best and fast mode of
transportation facility.

we are known for our professionalism and the quality of never compromising with the Safety of the
chemicals. to mention some of the most popularly and extensively used water treatment chemicals
on a regular basis are, antiscalant, antifoulants, fuel additives, viscosity reducer, sludge conditioner,
oxygen scavenger chemicals, high silica inhibitor chemicals and few more.

Not only the Madurai, we have covered almost every city in India and we are glad to know that the
people are loving our service and we have not got any kind of negative beliefs on the product’s that
we have delivered since past 10 years.

Water treatment chemicals in Madurai


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