Water treatment chemicals in Maharashtra

Maharashtra is one of the most popular cities in India consisting of everything that person easy need
for. We have been supplying the water treatment chemicals in Maharashtra for all kind of industries
from small scale to large scale, commercial places and also for the residential purpose also.

the water treatment chemicals consist of different properties and each and every chemical has
Different benefits and hence they are used according to that. The kashetter Group of firms has been
the water treatment chemicals wholesalers in Maharashtra for a very long time. we have been one
of the most trusted wholesalers here and has built a good healthy relationship between all the

We are offering the most affordable water treatment chemical price in Maharashtra which well
suits the quality of the chemical. Some of the most distributed chemicals to mention are, the ph
booster, RO biocide chemical, alkalinity reducer chemical, surface tension reducer, oxygen
scavenger, sludge conditioner powder, antifoulants, fuel additives, viscosity reducer chemical and
many more.

The chemicals that we are supplying consist of the common benefits of making the quality of the
water much better, where is decrease is the corrosion, scale deposition, sledge formation, foul
smell, contaminants and inhibits the growth of the microbial activities. they have the ability to save a
lot of water by involving in the purification of the waste water.

it is very important to know the information about all the water treatment chemicals in order to
choose the best one that well suits your requirements. However, we not only supply the chemicals
we can also provide all the guidance and educate the people regarding the usage of the chemicals in
the right way.

The transportation facility will be provided according to your requirement and hence you can just
order you’re required chemical through WhatsApp.

Water treatment chemicals in Maharashtra


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