Water treatment chemicals in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is one of the most beautiful place and it also consists of the different types of industrial
sectors that includes both the small scale and large scale industries. In agent every kind of industries
it is very important to use the water treatment chemicals in Rajasthan at a regular interval of time in
order to have the best productivity and get though safe and quality raw materials out of it.

Not only the Rajasthan, we have been supplying to all the main cities in India and have even
transported bulk quantity of water treatment chemicals to the foreign countries and has covered
almost all the continents in the world. we have the different production units that are set up a
different locations of the world and we have always made sure to provide their clients with a fast

using of the chemicals has a lot of benefits which also includes the health of the people. The
chemicals can be utilized and the purification of the water feed system which results in saving a lot
of water by converting the waste water to the quality water. all the chemicals that we are supplying
to the industry’s consist of the ISO certification wait they are made following the standard steps
mentioned in the Indian standards.

The kashetter Group of firms has been the best water treatment chemicals distributors in Rajasthan
since many years. the most and popularly used water treatment chemicals and industrial products,
that especially offered by the cherry groups are, the PH booster antifoulants, fuel additives, cold
resistant conveyor belt, mining conveyor rollers, machinery parts, rubber sheets and its products,
gearbox, sludge conditioner, Alkalinity reducer chemical and many more.

We have got a nice feedback from the clients and we are glad to know that the clients are trusted in
our products because of our quality and safe chemicals. You can order them just by texting us a
message on WhatsApp and you can feel free to clear all your queries here.

Water treatment chemicals in Rajasthan


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