Water treatment chemicals in Surat

Surat has always been remembered for the textile industries and they are very Popularly used all
over the world. We have been the service providers of water treatment chemicals in Surat since a
very long time and we have supplied the wide range of chemicals here that has well benefited to
most of the industries in Surat.

The chemicals consists of the most desirable properties that has the ability to solve any kind of
issues that has occurred in the water boiler system. It is highly necessary to use the chemicals in
order to ensure the mental and physical health of the people.

.The kashetter Group of firms are the best and most trusted water treatment chemical distributors
in Surat since a very long time. We have established this firm in 1964 in Bangalore but we have
expanded our business since last few years and now we are able to export many of the raw materials
and water treatment chemicals to the entire world.

we have got a certification from the most recognized Indian standards and also has the international
standards as well. We double check all the chemicals before distribution I never compromise with
the quality and safety of the water treatment chemicals we are supplying to the clients.

over the past few decades we have been working on improving the quality standards and has
rectified all the minor issues that has been occurring and has always given importance to the release
of the clients. we provide the transportation facilities either by roadways, railways or bi Airways
depending upon the situation.

you can definitely get cleared with all your queries regarding the usage of the water treatment
chemicals from our quality experts and enhance your productivity without any fear of the quality
change. Just make sure to use the right type of chemicals and use them appropriately with the right
proportions and that right intervals of time.

Water treatment chemicals in Surat


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