Water treatment chemicals in Vishakapatnam

The water treatment chemicals are extensively used all over the world for different purpose and
specially the industrial sectors users a lot of chemicals and we have been the largest producers of
water treatment chemicals in Vishakhapatnam since many years.

there are different physical and chemical properties of the chemicals and they should be chosen
only according to the requirement of the client. because every chemical has specific features and
benefits that can be used only for a particular kind of water feed system issue.

the kashetter group of firms was made in order to fulfil all the demands of the industrial needs and
has been always the most trusted water treatment chemical dealers in Vishakhapatnam. we have
the best of team members with having more than two decades of experience and has the ability to
make the new kind of chemicals easily and effectively.

The clients need not to worry about any kind of fear regarding the quality and safety of using the
chemicals, because they have the certification from the most recognised standards of Indian as well
as the international authorities, and we have even expanded our business in the foreign countries

to mention few of the most supplied chemicals from the cherry groups are the antiscalant chemicals,
antifoulants, fuel additives, viscosity reducer, oxygen scavenger chemicals, multifunctional oxygen
scavengers, amine neutraliser chemicals, ph booster, RO biocide, neutraliser boilers, Poly electrolyte
powder and a lot more.

we are offering the most affordable industrial water treatment chemicals price in Vishakhapatnam,
so that they are available for all kinds of clients, who’s running the small scale and large scale
business. You can always get back to us for orders enquiries once you get to know more information
regarding our company and the service we are offering from our main website.

Water treatment chemicals in Vishakapatnam


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