Worm Gearbox suppliers in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is also popularly known as the Pump City of India because it is considered to be the home
for many leading motor pump brands consisting of on large scale, medium scale as well as the smallscale motor pump manufacturing industries. The Kashetter group of firms have been providing with
the wide varieties as well as the specifications of products and equipment for being utilized in the
industries for multiple applications since more than decades of years. Hence, we are set to be the most
reliable and trusted worm gearbox suppliers in Coimbatore.

Each and every type of worm gearbox that are being offered to the clients are great in increasing the
torque value and in reducing the speed of the motor as required. They have the simplest design
construction method with having the smoothest and the quietest of the gear system. They are properly
mounted and lubricated with having a good advantage of having the meshing effectiveness, vibration
reduction as well as the noise reduction property. the worm gearbox price offered in Coimbatore the
most reasonable price.

The cherry groups were established in Bangalore and since 1964, we have been working dedicatedly
with having the common focus of fulfilling all the demands and needs of the industries. We have the
best and experienced as well as the well-trained team members for carrying out the entire process of
business. As we are having the quality approval certification from the international and Indian
standards which are recognized all over the world and is considered to be the high recognized
authorities everywhere, the clients enough to worry about the efficiency of the cherry products and

Apart from being the most reliable suppliers of worm gearbox in Coimbatore, we have also been the
best service providers all over India covering each and every important location in almost all the
states of India.

Worm Gearbox suppliers in Coimbatore