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Conveyor Impact Roller Transfer points are extremely critical operational areas for conveying belts. Badly designed and improper product selection often cause unplanned shutdowns, belt breakage and various unexpected breakdowns. Our Conveyor Rollers have increased durability, reliability as well as specialized frame solutions to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. Impact Rollers (also known as shock absorbing rollers) consist of a base steel roller having fitted rings to resist and absorb varying pressure given by the impact of materials onto the belt.

Conveyor Impact Roller basically consist of roller made out of pipe with rubber rings on it the hole with this type of rollers are basically used in the industry where the conveyor load is very high these kind of rollers are usually put up at the delivery point or the pickup point of the conveyor Belt, where the load on the Belts and on the Drum Pulley are extreme High.

Why Use CHERRY Conveyor Impact Rollers

We manufacture highest quality CONVEYOR IMPACT ROLLER in the industry where we offer a minimum of six months guarantee for each Impact Roller be immediately replace if any complaints received on the Rollers.

These rollers are positioned in the carrying section of the belt, corresponding to the point of loading where the material falls onto it. Conveying Impact Rollers are used for conveying various products and by products associated with different industry whether it be moderate, heavy duty industries. We offer a wide range of impact rollers, brackets, idler and spares. Precision bearings are fitted as per industry standards and are best suited for continuous running, even at standard speeds. Our Conveyor Rollers are available in different kinds of colors and thicknesses. We have been offering a wide range of Conveyor Impact Roller for various purposes. We are also one of the Largest Conveyor & Elevator Belts manufacturer in India.

A Quality Product from CHERRY – The Super Engineer.

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