CHERRY - The Super Engineer

Kashetter Group of Firms established in the year 1964 with the brand name CHERRY – The Super Engineer, is one of the Largest Conveyor belt Manufacturer with a wide range of Industrial Conveyor Belt, Conveyor Rollers globally and marked as the Most Trusted Quality Brand by the highest Exports in the Year 2018. In our Journey of 54 years, Kashetter Group is pioneered the market with marking an annual Highest revenue in the year 2018-2019. Our products are ISO 9001:2008 certified products maintaining the quality of the product with quick delivery.
CHERRY Conveyor belts have been in demand and have exported around 1000000 Meters of Conveyor Beltings to our Valued Customers Globally. We have excelled in Operating Business with High-level Professionalism and integrity and believe in growing together with fair business dealings.
Other than our manufacturing base, CHERRY also has India’s largest inventory of Ready Stock of any size Conveyor Belts & Conveyor Rollers which are kept ready to be dispatched to our valued clients on their orders to any Countries worldwide.

Kashetter Group of Firms has always been the choice of our clients for our Highest Industry Standards quality of conveyor Belt and having a large inventory of ready Stock of conveyor belt with width Starting from 150 MM to up to 3200 MM and with all variety of Conveyor belts (General Duty – Purpose N -17, M-24 Grade Conveyor belt, Chevron Belt, Ultra Heat Resistant Rubber conveyor belts, Special purpose – OR & HR and food grade conveyor belt, Endless conveyor belts and with the Quick delivery with our network of logistics Globally.
Kashetter Group of Firms is a prominent supplier in Industries like iron & steel Plans, Foundries, sponge iron, Power plants, Stone Crushers, Cement Industries, Solvent plants, Pulp and Paper Industries, Mines, Fertilizer and Chemical plants, Sugar Industry, Coal Plant, Coal Handling Plants, Food Industries.
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Kashetter Group of Firms

KASHETTER GROUP OF FIRMS created CHERRY (CHERRY – The Super Engineer) in 2009. Our crew is an experienced and expanding group that works out of a 40,000 square foot facility. CHERRY BELTS Technologies is more than just a manufacturer of conveyor technology. We are a full-service system design business ready to assist you in developing the best system for your specific requirements. Our team has over 57 years of combined experience in the recycling business and is ready to tackle any challenge.

For more than 50 years, KASHETTER GROUP has been designing, producing, and setting up conveyor belts. Our extensive expertise, cutting-edge innovations, and strong manufacturing capacity, including its technical expertise, have established it one of the nation’s finest suppliers, ensuring exceptional product as well as customer reliability.


CHERRY – The Super Engineer is continuously striving to keep one step above the competition.  That is why we employ cutting-edge technologies and creative approaches to provide our consumers with cutting-edge material processing equipment.  The following are some of the ways we are reshaping the manufacturing sector to serve you better.

* 3D Laser Imaging — As numerous clients upgrade their traditional metal collection technologies, 3D laser scanning is a valuable tool. We can carefully examine technologies and create specialized technologies to integrate smoothly with current equipment. Fewer guesswork means less downtime and more smooth implementations.

* Design Software — Depending on the customer’s preferences, KASHETTER Conveyor designs 2D and 3D CAD designs. We employ cutting-edge CAD tools to ensure that your machinery is easy to set up, safe to run, and ergonomically sound.

Research and Development — Among our rivals, KASHETTER Conveyor Technologies does have a focused research and development team that collaborates with our existing clients and tests and refines our conveyor technologies at our facilities. Rapid prototyping is now becoming an essential aspect of our development process to ensure correct fitting and performance before manufacturing.

Our Team

Cherry takes pride mainly in the variety of our talent pool and skill set, which reflects the vast range of sectors and technologies in which we function. Our staff is likewise diversified, with many backgrounds that shape who they are and contribute to the company’s strategic goals.

CHERRY – The Super Engineer At A Glance
Cherry has been producing high conveyor belt systems to assist clients in increasing operational effectiveness.  We provide clean and economical transportation even in the most challenging situations and seem to be devoted to achieving the best results to meet the unique demands of its clients.
KASHETTER provides a wide variety of high-performance conveyor belts for use in the mining, cement, and manufacturing industries, ports, power and thermal facilities, crushers, and chemical industries.
Cherry is a subsidiary of the Kashetter Group, which has been a leading company in the supply of types of synthetic rubber goods for over 57 years.

Our strategic objective
We strive to be a trustworthy partner for all of our clients worldwide, assisting them in improving their company operations via creative and dependable technologies while reducing expenses. We maintain a premium on our items’ integrity and offerings and provide a long-term advantage to all of our consumers with perfection and competence in all we can do.

A significant globalized presence
We are among the nation’s advanced and highly sophisticated conveyor belt producers, with manufacturing sites in India. Our worldwide production and marketing infrastructure encompasses all important markets – anywhere and everywhere clients need us – when integrated with several marketing and technological facilities and distributors within proximity to the consumer.

Why Cherry?

We offer specialised goods and solutions to companies who rely on us to keep their materials and components flowing all sizes of Conveyor belting in ready stock.

Our crew is exceptionally prepared to discover the best answer for whatever situation you face since we have a wide range of specialist goods accessible. The items we sell are specifically developed to fulfil the needs of particular applications.
Our long-term experience with our goods and how they may be manufactured reflects our capacity to assist you. We’ve been selecting the correct type of conduit for corrosive chemicals for the last 57 years. Conveyor belts that are appropriate for various ores the appropriate equipment and fittings for your operation.
Because of our tight connection with our big manufacturers, our employees are continually getting technical certification to effectively serve our clients and provide technical help for all sorts of solutions.

Our marketing and sales professionals are always prepared to manufacture and build changes to our goods to fit the demands of your organisation. Throughout the field, Cherry-fabricated elements continuously function smoothly and economically. Customers frequently use us for the implementation of these items as a result of our manufacturing experience.
Cherry’s fabricating operations including belt slitting and splicing, valve actuation utilising in-house made mounts, insulated pipe bundles featuring revolving flanges, including fitting attachment to the hose through squeezing, soldering, fastening, and wrapping.

Cherry is committed to providing the best solutions in our business. We are committed to a performance control approach to ensure that you receive the correct stuff appropriately. To do this, we have implemented quality controls across our manufacturing operation and streamlined the fulfilment of client orders. Another important aspect of our excellent service is providing clients with a choice of interaction options.  These services include 24-hour urgent response, 24-hour mechanical communication, electronic chat, and email.

"To be a Monopoly Leader in the Conveyor Belting Industry Globally"

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