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Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt

A Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt is particular for use when conveying materials up a slope.

Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt

A Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt is particular for use when conveying materials up a slope. Multi V tread pattern provides superior traction, minimizes chances of slipper and roll back best suitable for hedge industries such as mining operations, quarrying and building construction.

Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

We have Multi V chevron conveyor belts as our major product line of the CHERRY Belts manufacturing company. CHERRY Belts has been in business for over 6 decades now and this has seen it become a reputable and an innovative manufacturer. Their conveyor belts are manufactured with the help of latest technologies and are checked for quality to withstand the conditions of handling heavy loads and pressure.

Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt Supplier

CHERRY Belts as a reputed supplier of our Conveyor Belts provides them to a number of industries in India and international markets. Their broad base means they are able to deliver promptly and offer quality customer relations.

Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt Price in India

The price of Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belts in India is influenced by several factors: 

  1. Material: The type of materials that were used and the quality they possessed also played a major role on the outcomes of the activities that were carried out in particular facilities.
  2. Size: One is dimension which include belt length, belt width and belt thickness.
  3. Design Specifications: Customization and specific design specifications.
  4. Market Demand: The instability of the market demands and supply.
General Duty Conveyor Belt


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Why CHERRY is the Best Brand for Your Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belts?

Hence, offered by the brand namely CHERRY Belts is the best Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belts that is most preferred among other brands for many reasons including quality, innovation and the company’s commitment to its customers.

V Cleated Chevron Conveyor Belt

More than sixty years collectively as professionals in the business.


Absolutely mastered and confirmed with the ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Stability in business management and adoption of the latest technologies within the firm. 

Customer Service

Excellent support and fast work turnaround time.

Features of Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belts

Multi V Chevron conveyor belts from CHERRY come with several distinctive features:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts
Enhanced Grip

The Multi V pattern has a much better traction for the inclined transport for example.


Made out of high-quality materials suitable for testing conditions of various environments.


Applicable for many fields such as mining, quarrying, of constructional materials, and construction works.

Low Maintenance

Built with an aim of minimizing and or eliminating the need for frequent service, maintenance and repair works hence minimize on operational down time.


As for the types, there are many of them, and the main ones are differentiated depending on the size and other characteristics necessary to meet a specific task.