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Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt

This product model is known as the Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt that is suitable for general use in carrying massive portions of material.

Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt

This product model is known as the Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt that is suitable for general use in carrying massive portions of material. New cleats have butt-horn design; they secure materials well and do not slide on steep slopes. This belt is suitable to be used in different sectors like mining, construction and agriculture whereby there is emphasis placed on the movement of materials in the business.

Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

CHERRY Belts is specialized in Bullhorn Conveyor Belt. Established more than 30 years, CHERRY Belts has inherited technique and equipped up-to-date machinery and has a strict quality control system to manufacture conveyor belts for industrial use, which has high tensile strength and is resistant to severe working conditions. Notably, they are very much obsessed with quality thus their belts are quality belts in the market.

Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt Supplier

The Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt seller that you can trust is CHERRY Belts, which is a leading company that supplies these belts all over India and to the international markets. Their wide distribution centers also guarantee timely delivery and good service to the clients. CHERRY Belts can hold a large inventory and then be able to respond to urgent needs and also be able to solve operations needs that are unique.

Bullhorn Conveyor Belt

Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt Price in India

Bullhorn Conveyor Belt offered by Metal are used in India specifically for conveying products within factories and plants; the Metal Bullhorn Conveyor Belt price depends upon the belt type, size, material and design. As for the price, it is also mid, serving the product at a rather reasonable price without affecting its quality. Their belts are very affordable to acquire and are also very durable, thus cutting the expenses that one has to make when maintaining other belts.


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Why CHERRY Is the Best Brand for Your Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt?

CHERRY Belts is the best choice for Bullhorn Conveyor Belt for several reasons:

Genral Duty Conveyor Belt

I don’t know the years of experience this brand has on the market but I know it has over 60 years in the business.


Compliance to the international standards results in production of high-quality products.


Enduring process management for design and manufacturing.

Customer Service

That’s why there is strong support and fast delivery at the same time.

Features of Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belts

Bullhorn Conveyor Belts from CHERRY Belts boast several key features:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts
High Grip

The cleats must be in the bullhorn shape to provide a strong hold on inclined slopes.


Made of strong materials to withstand the pressure as well as the harshest surrounding environment.


They are offered in diverse sizes and/ or specifications so as to satisfy the various clients within the market.

Low Maintenance

Designed to have a long service duration; thus, less time is spent on repairs and vice versa.


Applicable in uses ranging from mining, construction, and agriculture among others.