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Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Because of the high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear, the steel cord conveyor belts find uses in the highly-charged industrial sectors.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Kashetter Group of Firms has CHERRY Belts and is acknowledged as the manufacturer of steel cord conveyor belts. CHERRY Belts has been in the conveyor belt manufacturing business for over five decades making it a company of immense experience in manufacturing conveyor belts that conform to the required industry standards. Their advanced manufacturing facilities and ISO 9001:The 2008 certification make sure that every belt is made in the best manner thus giving it the best possible performance and durability.

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Supplier

CHERRY Belts, being a reliable supplier, is able to furnish satisfactory steel cord conveyor belts to different markets. They order and source for large stocks; thus, they can fulfill orders on time and with less hassle. CHERRY has a reliable distribution channel to ensure their clients in the country and any other part of the world receive their products on time. Their loyalty as a company towards customers and as a reliable supplier makes many organizations to partner with them.

Industrial Conveyor Belts

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt Price in India

In the area of pricing, CHERRY Belts is able to present fairly standard prices in the market, while at the same time providing their steel cord conveyor belts with a high quality experience. The price of steel cord conveyor belts in India can vary based on several factors:

  1.     Material Quality: It can be seen that using such materials as higher quality, as well as using steel cords normally leads to a higher cost.
  2.     Belt Dimensions: This attitude sets the cost because the length, width, and thickness of the belt cannot be ignored.
  3.     Customization: Any addendum especially where the client wants a more robust product will add cost.
  4.     Order Volume: The cost per each piece of the order is likely to be less when you place a large order, mainly because this is where the company makes most of its sales.


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Why is CHERRY Belt the Best Brand for your Steel Cord Conveyor Belt?

CHERRY Belts is the best choice for steel cord conveyor belts for several reasons:

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Expertise and Experience

 CHERRY Belts has been in existence for more than 50 Years thus the company has a good understanding of the industrial requirements and difficulties that need to be put into consideration.

Quality Assurance

The compliances of ISO 9001: 2008 is a good indication that they are able to maintain good quality.

Innovative Solutions

CHERRY always invests in creating newer and better solutions that can help their customers’ in meeting new needs.

Customer Focus

Customer focus is also highlighted by CHERRY as they provide specific and relevant services with great emphasis on service delivery.

Features of Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

CHERRY’s steel cord conveyor belts are distinguished by several key features:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts
High Tensile Strength

Made to support and resist great weights and environ-mental factors.

Long Lifespan

Low density, flat panel construction, foot pivot points, cover plate geometry, lone screw design and easy access door lock design were developed with the goal of longevity even when exposed to imposed environmental stress.


Flexible with both the tensile strength and compressive strength remaining high.

Low Elongation

Some stretch is undesirable because reliability and performance would also be minimal.


Good shock resistance, wear and tear as well as resistance to other industrial conditions.