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Construction Conveyor Belt

A Construction Conveyor Belt is a material handling equipment for the construction industry mainly used for transferring concrete, bricks, sand, or gravel.

Construction Conveyor Belt

A Construction Conveyor Belt is a material handling equipment for the construction industry mainly used for transferring concrete, bricks, sand, or gravel. These belts are used in increasing efficiency, cutting down the amount of labor, and fast transportation of bulky items at different construction phases. Because of their strong and stable structures as well as optimal functionality, these have become valuable assets in today’s construction settings.

Construction Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

CHERRY Belts is a renowned organization in the production of Construction Conveyor Belt; the belts are durable. CHERRY Belts has been in this business for decades and it independently manufactures conveyor belts of high quality. Through the application of innovative technology and well-standardized procedures, they guarantee that each product is highly effective and durable, hence their reputation.

Construction Conveyor Belt Supplier

Furthermore, being one of the leading suppliers, CHERRY Belts has a very extensive distribution service that guarantees fast delivery and excellent service to the customers. They meet various construction requirements, and provide a variety of different conveyor belts. One of the underlying principles of CHERRY Belts’ operations is a policy of having a rich stock of cables and supplying customers’ needs as soon as possible with an individual approach to solving their problem in the framework of the execution of their project.

Construction Conveyor Belt Price in India

The price of Construction Conveyor Belts in India depends on various factors:

  1.     Material and Build Quality: They are indicators of quality and durability                  because these two factors rise with the quality of material used in                          construction.
  2.     Size and Length: Superior belts are those that are longer and wider and these      tend to be expensive.
  3.     Customization: Things such as a need to make reinforcement or use a special      coating for the structure will also determine the final cost.
  4.     Quantity: The purchase quantity may be cheaper in the long run.
Industrial Conveyor Belts


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Why is CHERRY the best brand for your Acid And Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt?

Choosing CHERRY for your Acid And Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt offers numerous advantages:

V Cleated Chevron Conveyor Belt

A company that has more than 60 years in its field of specialty.


This Audit report is about the ISO 9001:2008 certified products.


Employment of higher technologies in manufacturing processes.

Customer Service

Pre as well as post-sales customer service was extremely commendable.

Features of Construction Conveyor Belts

Construction Conveyor Belts from CHERRY Belts have several standout features:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts

Highly durable to withstand extra strain and can handle large amounts of stress.

High Efficiency

For effective and efficient material flow as the figures within the organizational structure indicate.


In stock in different sizes and standards.

Low Maintenance

Designed to last longer thus cutting on the costs of repair and maintenance.


Ideal for the carriage of various construction materials of different types.