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An epicyclic gearbox, also called a planetary gearbox, has a central sun gear, planet gears that orbit around it, and an outer ring gear. With an experience of 50 years CHERRY provides top notch Gearboxes, these are used for adjusting speed ratios and transmitting torque efficiently in compact designs, making it useful for precise control in various applications.

₹899.00    ₹559.00 / Meter

White Hygeic Conveyor Belt

1299 .00    ₹889.00 / Meter

₹1399.00    ₹889.00 / Meter

₹1950.00    ₹1499.00 / Meter

₹1399.00    ₹959.00 / Meter

Genral Duty Conveyor Belt
Genral Duty Conveyor Belt

₹899.00    ₹559.00 / Meter

₹1400.00    ₹1199.00 / Meter

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

₹2499.00    ₹1559.00 / Meter

Epicyclic Gear Box Manufacturer

CHERRY as a manufacturer of epicyclic gearboxes have proven to be experienced and great in industries like automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy. These gearboxes need to be precisely engineered with top-notch materials to handle complex torque and speed demands effectively. CHERRY and its experience since 1961 helped building a cooperative team with expertise that ensure durability, performance, and compatibility with specific applications of the product. They also bring expertise in gearbox design and manufacturing processes, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency. As industries focus on improving efficiency and sustainability, a trusted manufacturer of epicyclic gearboxes plays a vital role in driving innovation and meeting the changing demands of modern industrial and technological needs.


Epicyclic gearboxes, or planetary gearboxes, are compact and powerful. They’re found in car transmissions and turbines, offering high efficiency and handling heavy loads within limited spaces.

Automotive Transmissions: These gearboxes are the secret behind the seamless gear shifts in automatic cars, making driving a breeze.

Wind Turbines: They adjust to varying wind speeds, ensuring that wind turbines generate the optimal amount of energy.

Helicopters : These gearboxes reduce engine speed to a usable rotor speed, allowing helicopters to fly smoothly and safely.

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Why Cherry Is Best Brand For Your Epicyclic Gear Box?

While choosing the best Epicyclic Gear Box, CHERRY Belts is the first on the list here are the following reasons why :-

Vibrator Motor
Top Quality

The quality is never compromised with top notch material used.


Cutting edge design with durability.


Experienced team working for 50 plus years.

Customer Care

Customer reviews are validated and are worked upon.

Key Features

Factors that affect the cost of Geared Units

The product is quite handy and compact.

Cutting Edge Design

CHERRY Belts provide top notch design to the product.

Flexible Use

The usage is versatile.


It has a high performance and efficiency.