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Pipe Conveyor Belt

The Pipe Conveyor Belt is a new concept in transporting materials equipping every industry with an efficient and environmentally sound conveyor belt for materials.

Pipe Conveyor Belt

The Pipe Conveyor Belt is a new concept in transporting materials equipping every industry with an efficient and environmentally sound conveyor belt for materials. These belts are suitable for handling most layout problems and very long distances, and the system offers a completely enclosed form of conveying which reduces spillages and their effects on the environment.

Pipe Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

CHERRY Belts is a reputed Pipe Conveyor Belt manufacturer company that deals in Pipe Conveyors, that are, highly effective and long lasting. Founded in 1999, CHERRY Belts has been in business for over twenty years and thus has perfected the manufacturing process of the pipe conveyor belt to meet the desired quality. 

Pipe Conveyor Belt Supplier

Some of the industries that we serve as a Pipe Conveyor Belt supplier are mining, cement factory, power plant, and many others. Their large distribution arm guarantees efficient delivery and quality client relations. 

Pipe Conveyor Belt Price

The Pipe Conveyor Belt price in India can be influenced by several factors:

  1. Material Quality: The costing of the belt can be attributed to the type and quality of material that is used in making of the belt. Materials of higher quality give enhanced performance and durability compared to face sheets of lesser quality but they cost more.
  2. Belt Dimensions: Length, the diameter of pipe conveyor belt comes with a cost implication. 
  3. Customization: Other properties that may include heat resistance, oil resistance or any other specific design characteristic may also increase the price.
  4. Order Volume: Companies can take order discounts to buy a large amount of product, which helps to reduce costs significantly.
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Why is CHERRY the Best Company to Trust with Your Pipe Conveyor Belts?

Choosing CHERRY for your pipe conveyor belts offers numerous advantages:

V Cleated Chevron Conveyor Belt
High-Quality Products

CHERRY Belts are reliable and of high quality to make sure that your money is well invested on the belts.

Exceptional Customer Service

The company ensures that it provides its customers with efficient and effective services ranging from the time it consults a client to the time of providing after-sales services.

Wide Distribution Network

Another advantage of CHERRY is its destination-based distribution; therefore, you will receive your orders and support promptly, irrespective of the location.

Competitive Pricing

In as much as the company sells quality products, it offers them at comparatively cheaper prices thus can be affiliated by any company.

Features of Pipe Conveyor Belts

Pipe Conveyor Belts from CHERRY Belts offer a range of features that make them ideal for various industrial applications:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts
Enclosed Design

The pipe-like structure is complete protection of the materials during transportation thus drastically reducing chances of spilling and polluting the environment.


These belts can travel through intricate paths and this includes; sharp turns, steep slopes and therefore they are ideal for any kind of plant design.

Reduced Maintenance

The design features help to cut down on the amount of fines that will be produced, thus reducing the amount of replacement that needs to be made to the belt and system reducing the general cost and time spent in the maintenance.

Environmental Protection

Through use of pipe conveyor belts, there is a small amount of spilling of materials as well as cutting down on dust quotient that is present in the working environment.