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Textile Conveyor Belts

We at Cherry The Super Engineer are the manufacturer and supplier of superior quality textile conveyor belts.

Textile Conveyor Belts

Our manufacturing process is state of the art and focuses on use of very high quality material with an aim of satisfying the demands of warehouses for conveyor belts. Our belts are not only hard wearing but also designed to provide operational optimization through the use of high tech equipment and craftsmanship.

Thus, the cherry conveyor belt team of experts does not relent on its oars to enhance the ideal all-terrain applicability of Cherry conveyor belts. So, when you decide to work with a Cherry conveyor belt manufacturer, you opt for dependability, productivity, and high results.[/read]

Textile Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Cherry, better known as The Super Engineer, is a manufacturer of textile conveyor belts that is committed to creating the best belts to fit the textile industry niche. Hi-tech plants and class leading technologies make sure that every belt gets a perfect finish and offers high performance and sturdiness.

We use advanced technology and modern machinery for fabrication of conveyor belts to match with the expectations of quality and standard. State-of-art production methods allow for belts that fit the needs demanded by the textile production process.

In addition to this, Cherry ensures that quality is upheld in all production; whether in the design of the product or the choice of the material used for the product. The conveyor belts we produce have to go through several levels of quality controls and tests before they are deemed fit to perform on the textile manufacturing lines of the world. It is our policy to offer to the clients products they can rely on.

Textile Conveyor Belt Suppliers

Cherry, The Super Engineer is not only a manufacturer, but also one of the suppliers of textile conveyor belts. This not only aids in the speedy supply of conveyor belts meeting high standards to industries involved in textile within the global market but also is able to promise timely service.

Cherry currently has offices in over 100 countries and therefore can effectively and efficiently serve the clients’ needs. From the above locations, our firm has global access which enables it to deliver conveyor belts to textile manufacturers or processors swiftly. We ensure that our clients can carry out their business with the assistance of services we provide – fast and steady. 

We at Cherry cherish our clients and ensure we do all our best in offering the best services. Select from our extended support team who are always available for the answer of any questions that might arise as well as guidelines on the process. The company strongly focuses on cooperating with its clients to satisfy their specific needs and provide them with improved services.

Price of Textile Conveyor Belts

Cherry Belts give a wide range of textile conveyor belts to our valuable clientele at reasonable costs. The prices of these belts depend on the type of textile material used, size of the belt, and the specific characteristics of the operation that is to be carried out.

Factors Affecting Cost

  1. Type of Textile Material: Various fabrics ranging from polyester, nylon, or cotton among them.
  2. Belt Size: The three dimensions are width, length, and thickness.
  3. Application Requirements: This is due to highly specialized functions that these pieces of equipment may have depending on the industry they are used in.
  4. Quality Standards: Thus, higher quality standards may increase the price resulting in a less than desirable outcome for the business.
  5. Customization: Custom designs and specifications Depending on the need of a client and the agreed specifications, the client can make orders for the products to suit their needs and requirements.
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Why is Cherry the best brand for your Textile Conveyor Belts?

Cherry, The Super Engineer is focused to deliver exceptional conveyor belt solutions that fuels the textile manufacturing and processing. The faithfulness in quality and new ideas in product and service delivery stand us out as the best choice for the clients in the textile trade across the globe.

V Cleated Chevron Conveyor Belt
Proven Expertise

The company has been in the production of conveyor belts for more than five decades and has developed a reputation of a leading company in the industry, providing the textile manufacturing companies with quality and efficient conveyor belts.

Quality Assurance

Our products are complied with ISO 9001:2008 so that guarantee the quality and performance of the products.

Comprehensive Solutions

We provide complete turnkey solutions within the textile mills area whether it is in fabrication or in supply and support of equipment.

Innovative Products

We remain in a constant spirit of innovation to ensure that clients get superior conveyor belt systems to improve their textile production.

Uses of Conveyor Belts in Textile Industry

Textile conveyor belts are versatile and find applications in various stages of textile manufacturing and processing, including:

Factors that affect the cost of conveyor belts
Fiber Preparation

Belts help to transport raw fibers for further processing purposes or to the first processing levels.


Applied in spinning processes to transport the fibers and the yarns through various processing steps.

Weaving and Knitting

In weaving and knitting machines, conveyor belts are used to transport material throughout the processes making the operations smooth and continuous.

Dyeing and Finishing

Our belts are used in dye and finish industries, a place where the belt is exposed to dyes and chemicals and thus requires a high level of sturdiness.

Inspection and Packaging

Belts are useful in checking and conveying finished textile products for pack-n-go handling all what they undergo.