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Rubber Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belts made of rubber are used for the transport of goods and materials in almost every sector of the economy, including mining, manufacturing, logistics and the agricultural sectors. These are largely used in today’s world industrial processes, their usage due to their versatility and endurance guarantee a seamless performance thus increasing productivity of the process.

₹899.00    ₹559.00 / Meter

White Hygeic Conveyor Belt

1299 .00    ₹889.00 / Meter

₹1399.00    ₹889.00 / Meter

₹1950.00    ₹1499.00 / Meter

₹1399.00    ₹959.00 / Meter

Genral Duty Conveyor Belt
Genral Duty Conveyor Belt

₹899.00    ₹559.00 / Meter

₹1400.00    ₹1199.00 / Meter

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

₹2499.00    ₹1559.00 / Meter

Rubber Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

CHERRY is well-known in the rubber conveyor belt production market as a firm that produces conveyor belts that meet international standards while embracing quality, innovation, and the clients’ needs. Established in India and growing internationally, CHERRY has well positioned itself to satisfy the global market’s requirement for several types of conveyor belts.

Another factor that can be added to CHERRY’s advantage in this field is that it works with conveyor belt materials approved by international standards and holds corresponding certificates. CHERRY continues to be the go-to conveyor belt brand for companies who are in need of a product that is both reliable and could offer good value for the money spent.

Rubber Conveyor Belt Supplier

Cherry Belts is a world renowned supplier in conveyor rubber belts. They supply a wide variety of premium rubber conveyor belts which are made for use in numerous industries. Being very dependable and long lasting, Cherry Belts offer products that can withstand the harsh conditions like mining, agriculture and production to ensure proper handling and conveying of materials.


Rubber Conveyor Belt Cost in India​

In most cases, standard rubber conveyor belts that are primarily used to carry common operating business conditions may be cheaper as compared to specific belts that are built for high temperature, oil or foods industry standards which may have to be constructed with different materials. Also, longer belts, or the ones that are of wider width, are usually more expensive to purchase because of higher material costs. 

In India, the cost of rubber conveyor belts varies based on factors such as:

  1.     Types and Specifications: Essentials: Other types- flat, cleated, heat resistant etc. , have varying        prices.
  2.     Size and Length: Extensions also show that longer belts or belts of wider widths are usually a bit          more expensive.
  3.     Quality and Brand: Established brands often command higher prices due to reliability and                      performance guarantees.

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Why is CHERRY the best brand for your Heat Resistant Conveyor Belts?

CHERRY stands out as the best brand for heat resistant conveyor belts for several reasons:

Genral Duty Conveyor Belt
Proven Expertise

CHERRY has been in production for many years, and it has well understood what the industries require in belts; thus, it avails high performing belts.

Quality Assurance

CHERRY’s belts also pass through various quality procedures and tests in order to meet the required standards of the company as well as those of the consumers.

Innovative Solutions

CHERRY’s conveyor belts are always up to date; the company continues to fund research and development to improve the conveyor belt’s technological advancement.

Customer-Centric Approach

Key among the EOG principles is respect to the customer, and hence, CHERRY ensures that they are understanding of the client’s needs and go out of their way to provide great customer care.

Features of Rubber Conveyor Belts

Rubber conveyor belts from CHERRY come with several distinctive features:

Durable Construction

Designed to have optimal output for a very extended period. Wear Resistance: This material has a very low tendency to wear and to be abraded as well.

Wear Resistance

This material has a very low tendency to wear and to be abraded as well.


It is suitable for various applications within the industrial fields.

High Tensile Strength

Utilities trucks or work trucks that can easily haul large loads of materials or equipment from one construction site to another.

Temperature Resistance

Very good performance when subjected to high/low temperature.

Custom Specifications

The Availability of these tanks comes in various sizes and these are designed to meet certain specifications.

Type Wise

General Duty Conveyor Belt

Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber Endless Conveyor Belt

White Elevator Belt

Stone Crusher Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Conveyor Belt

Mrf Conveyor Belt

Shr Conveyor Belt

Crushing Screen Plant Conveyor Belt

Hotmix Plant Conveyor Belt

V Cleated Chevron Conveyor Belt

Chevron Conveyor Belt

Bullhorn Chevron Conveyor Belt

Multi V Chevron Conveyor Belt

Fertilizer Plant Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Rough Top Conveyor Belt

Wavy Top Conveyor Belt

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belt

Rubber Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt

Transmission Conveyor Belt

Canvas Belt

Goodyear Canvas Belt

Pipe Conveyor Belt

Rubber Sidewall Cleated Belt

Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Chemical Resistant Conveyor Belt

Acid And Alkali Resistant Conveyor Belt

Rubber Steel Cord Conveyor Belt

Food Grade Conveyor Belt

White Hygienic Conveyor Belt

Cold Resistant Conveyor Belt

Cold Vulcanizing Solutions

Elevator Bucket Conveyor Belts

Industry Wise

M Sand Plant Conveyor Belt

Construction Conveyor Belt

Textile Conveyor Belt

Feeder Conveyor Belt

Municipal Waste Handling Conveyor Belt

Chevron Pvc Conveyor Belt

N 17 Conveyor Belt

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